Monday, November 30, 2009

Challenge Deadline Extended

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that the deadline for our blog party challenges has been extended to tomorrow night, December 1, at midnight!

Mr. Linky seems to be having a case of the Mondays, so if he's not around when you come to link up your entries, just leave your link in the comments of the challenge post and I'll add them when he's back online. I've listed the direct links to each challenge below for easy reference.

Have a fabulous evening!

Challenge #1 - Color Challenge
Challenge #2 - Sketch Challenge
Challenge #3 - To embellish with V-E-R-V-E
Challenge #4 - To create a mini pizza box :)
Challenge #5 - To create a gift card


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I want to do these challenges so badly and I've not been able to! Now maybe I can!! Thanks Julee, you ROCK!

  2. Thanks for putting on all of these great challenges. It was so much fun and it's great to see what awesome stuff other people are making, too!

  3. Thanks! I was wondering where Mr. Linky went!
    My bedtime so I will have to finish linking my other two tomorrow now that you have been nice enough to allow extra time!

  4. Yes, thank you, could not find Mr L either


  5. just finished making it... too sleeeeeeeeeepy to post it... and I also do know the pics would be better in the morning:)
    Is okay, I had fun making it!
    Yes for verve:)
    I think my stamps are on his way to me:)

  6. hello gorgeous -sweet people!!!
    To night I will publish my draft-Verve!

    O and .... T H A N K Y OU Jullee so much for my 1st verve stamp order.... I got them!
    They were so divinely packet!
    I'm a huge huge fan of your stamps!
    Will post more withmy new arrival:)))

  7. I know this is closed... but here is my very late post:)))