Friday, June 1, 2018

A Final Chapter

Dear Verve friends,

I've been thinking. A LOT. Trying to come up with words. Sitting down to write. Then getting up and walking away, because this is HARD. How do I express in words the mixed emotions, heartache, anxiety, and struggles involved in making such a momentous decision? I guess I just put it out there...

Verve Stamps will be closing June 30, 2018.

Those are words I never thought I'd write. Over the last decade I have placed my heart and soul into Verve and I'm not really sure where Verve ends and I begin anymore. But, over that same decade I have also become a Mama. Someone I never expected to be. But someone I am, nonetheless, to two special little boys who need extra care and attention right now. Attention that has at best been divided for their entire little lives and now needs to be focused. Lately it's become increasingly apparent to me that I can't give my all to my boys and still have my all to give to Verve. So, here we are, starting the final chapter in the book of Verve.

I have loved bringing uplifting stamp designs and inspirational cardmaking challenges to you. It's been a great delight in my life seeing your cards and creations, chatting with you, emailing, and partying on Splitcoast in the olden days. The friendships and purpose I've found in this business are the things that have kept me going through many dark days. And while this decision was hard to come to and is even harder to explain without going into the ins and outs of our personal struggles, as soon as I made it, I KNEW it was the right choice. I have a peace and general excitement about being "just a Mom" that has never been there before. And as I've never been just that, I'd like to see how it works. {grin}

I don't know what the future holds for me. I'm definitely going to enjoy a summer with my boys. My first real time off in almost 11 years! If you're interested in where I end up and what journey I take from here, hop on over to my blog, Poetic Artistry, and subscribe.

As of today, everything in the shop is currently marked 55% off (with the execption of our two new limited edition sets). All sales are final.  We'd love it if you could help us find homes for our remaining inventory so we can reclaim another room in our house! As of June 10, we will stop shipping services to International and Canadian destinations. So if you are not in the United States and would like to order, please do so prior to Sunday, June 10.

Thank you for all your love and support over the years. You have been a great blessing in my life and our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! It truly does take a village. I've (hopefully) listed below all of the amazing contributors who have shared in our releases over these almost 11 years. Each and every person on this list has a special place in my heart. Thanks, thanks and ever thanks!

With love,
Julee, Mark, Kellan & Trevor

Shannan Teubner (Diva)
Lila Holgate (Diva)
Kim Ross (Diva)
Jen del Muro (Diva)
Bethany Paull (Diva)
Amy Westerman (Diva)
Dana Seymour (Diva)
Laurie Schmidlin (Diva)
Charmaine Ikach (Diva)
Taylor Van Bruggen (Guest)
Susan Liles (Diva)
Cindy Keery (Guest)
Ana Wohlfahrt (Guest)
Karrie Baker (Guest)
Julie Campbell (Guest)
Paula Goff (Guest)
Kim Reid (Guest)
Ida Krause (Guest)
Silvia Mabie (Guest)
Paula Williamson (Guest)
Debbie Olson (Guest)
Amy Sheffer (Diva)
Carole Burrage (Diva)
Laura Fredrickson (Diva)
Amber Hight (Diva)
Natasha Trupp (Guest)
Jackie Pedro (Diva)
Cyndi Bundi (Guest)
Michelle Woerner (Diva)
Janine Tinklenberg (Guest)
Lindsey Botkin (Guest)
Jennifer Meyer (Guest)
Suzanne Dean (Guest)
Jen Tapler (Diva)
Maria Gurnsey (Guest)
Sarah Gough (Diva)
Lynda Benden (Diva)
Stephanie Kraft (Guest)
Jodi Collins (Guest)
Kelly Lunceford (Guest)
Teresa Kline (Diva)
Tosha Leyendekker (Diva)
Christina Fischer (Guest)
Kerri Michaud (Guest)
Sankari Wegman (Diva)
Mercy Kerin (Diva)
Kristina Biederman (Guest)
Betty Wright (Diva)
Jessie Rone (Guest)
Melissa Sauls (Guest)
Rosie Hughes (Guest)
Brooke Stockman (Guest)
Edna Morrisedie (Guest)
Denise Marzec (Guest)
Carolina Buchting (Guest)
Christi Flores (Guest)
Maureen Plut (Diva)
Sonja Christoph (Diva)
Andrea Ewen (Diva)
Debbie Carriere (Guest)
Piali Biswas (Guest)
Betty Wright (Diva)
Dawn Easton (Diva)
Janelle Stollfus (Diva)
Cresta Woodruff (Guest)
Melissa Hubert  (Guest)
Robin Shakoor (Guest)
Marisa Ritzen (Diva)
Vickie Zimmer (Guest)
Gretchen Belknap (Guest
Wanda Cullen (Guest)
Christyne Kane (Diva)
Laurie Willison (Diva)
Jen Shults (Diva)
Amy Kolling (Diva)
Anya Schrier (Diva)
Jess Diedrich (Diva)
Karen Giron (Diva)
Tiffany Solorio (Diva)
Jen Mitchell (Guest)
Stacey Schafer (Diva)
Chaitali Narla (Diva)
Kay Miller (Guest)
Sheri Gilson (Guest)
Monika Davis (Guest)
Diana Nguyen (Guest)
Nancy Thomas (Guest)
Shantaie Fowler (Guest)
Amy Tsuruta (Guest)
Kelly Gettelfinger (Guest)
Lori Craig (Guest)
Rosemary Dennis (Guest)
Amy Rohl (Guest)
Lee-Anne Cross (Guest)
Vicki Dutcher (Guest)
Mackie Robertson (Guest)
LauraJane (Guest)
Hillary Harris (Guest)
Autumn Clark (Guest)
Lisa Blastick (Guest)
Kathy Schweinfurth (Guest)
Michele Greenwood (Guest)


  1. The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your company. Best of luck to you and your adorable family! HUGS!!!

  2. I can only imagine how hard this decision must have been for you, Julee, but I think you made the right decision to put your precious family first. Thank you for inspiring us all.

  3. Oh this must have been so hard for you but obviously the best decision as you felt the emotions you did. Thanks for all the joy you have given so many of us and thank you for all the support you have given Time Out over the last years. Wishing you love

  4. Julee, this makes me so sad but at the same time brings me such happiness for your family. When you put your family first the decision is always the right one. Not easy but the right one. My favorite stamps will always be Verve and I will so miss buying new Verve but said you lots of love on the next steps for you. I will most definitely be watching your personal blog. Xoxo

  5. I’m sorry to see Verve closing but totally understand your decision. Our little ones grow up way to fast and I made a similar choice years ago. My baby boy just turned 19 and I’m lucky that he has chosen to stay home and go to school (and occasionally still needs his mommy). I would also like to thank you for the honor of being a guest diva not once but was such an honor! Enjoy your boys! Big hugs!! ❤️

  6. God bless you as you move forward on your path. You are where He wants you to be. Your little ones need you, nobody else can fill this shoes. I closed my rubber stamp store after 15 years, and I know the mixed feelings involved in such a momentous decision. But it's been about six years now, and I have no regrets. Prayers and hugs!

  7. Awww... sorry to see Verve go but I believe you are making decision based on what works for you and your family, do take care, thanks for all the fun and may your journey filled with lots of happiness wherever you go or do! Take care!

  8. Julee, I'm happy for you and your decision to focus on your family is a wonderful one - the best one, but Verve will be SO missed!! You've created a fabulous company. God Bless you and your family as you move on the your new adventure - all the best!

  9. I think you made the right decision as well - even though I will miss you - and those wonderful challenges - Family comes first and your boys need you - thank you so much for the lovely sale - I will check it out - may God bless you today and always - and oh are you going to repeat the rewards with more time with your family - sending hugs and good wishes to you - above all else be in good health and prosper [prosper in many ways] thank you and blessings

  10. Though I am sorry to lose Verve Stamps, I am happy that you will be able to spend more time with your boys and family. Thank you for all of the years of wonderful product and creativity. I look forward to your new blog.

  11. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry there will be no more beautiful Verve designs. I do understand the reasons though! We only have our littles for such a short time and they come first. It's worth the peace and sacrifice. Best wishes for the future and I hope to still see your beautiful cards on your blog once in a while!

  12. Julee, I'm so happy for you that you're doing what's best for you, your family and those sweet boys of yours.
    I want to thank you for all that you've done for our papercrafting're a rock star and I hope you know that. Your generosity and kindness is overwhelming.

  13. So sad to hear this, Julee. But I completely understand that your family comes first. Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration and products! Best Wishes!

  14. Never ever second guess a choice to put your family first. And it sounds like you already know that. I will sincerely miss Verve - always my faves, always the stamps I pack when we head south for the winter. I remember the anticipation of the release parties on SCS - you've gifted so many crafters with your wonderful designs. My oldest daughter has twin boys who will be 5 this month and I have no doubt that your precious little boys will absolutely love that you will be able to devote your full-time attention to them. God bless you on your journey - and thank you for the blessings you have provided to so many people through Verve.

  15. Oh Julee! I can only imagine how difficult it was for you to make this decision but putting your family first is always the right thing to do. I have been a fan of Verve since day one and being a guest diva was a dream come true for me but you already knew that. ;). I will forever be thankful not only for your company but for your friendship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The stamping world will never be the same without Verve.

  16. I have started this comment many times and keep deleting it and starting over because I have so many thoughts that keep pouring out. I personally feel so sad that Verve is closing. I love your products and use them often in my cards. Your lovely artistic influence and fabulous designs will be missed, along with your amazing generosity over the years of sponsoring countless challenges.

    But at the same time I admire you so much for making this brave and right decision. You have mentioned the challenges of balancing family and the demands of running Verve. So glad you have peace and assurance knowing you are making the right decision to put your family first. I know the Lord will bless you and your family mightily in this.

    Thank you for all the joy you have brought to so many of us over the years. A visit to the Verve blog or to your personal blog has never failed to be inspiring and encouraging! I feel blessed to have Verve stamps and dies in my collection to use for years to come. Hugs and prayers go with you as you enter this next exciting season in your life. May it be the best ever!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  17. Oh, precious Julee! I am so sad that you are closing Verve. I have long loved all your beautiful Scripture stamps and artwork, and you've been my go-to store for faith stamps and beautiful flowers! I love your artistry that I hope we'll continue to see (you are an amazing card-maker), and your artistry shows in everything you do. I have always LOVED receiving a package that is beautifully wrapped with a special little something inside...a part of you! You have poured your heart into Verve, and I applaud you and praise you for putting your family first. It's what God would have you do, and I support you completely. You have inspired and encouraged us all in so many ways, and I see others are struggling with all the right words too. YOU ARE DEARLY LOVED! May God bless you, Mark, Trevor, Kellan, and Trevor as you grow closer to each other and to the Lord. May God remind you that you are loved first by Him, then by your family, and then by your many, many friends! I love you so much, and I thank God for you and will cherish the stamps and cards I have because of you and your heart! I only wish I could give you a hug as you are probably going to cry for days as you read notes and comments and receive cards. May this summer be a blessed one as you spend time with those precious little fellas, and I look forward to reading your blog in the days to come. And a BIG thank-you for being a supporter of Splitcoaststampers! That has meant so much to us, and I hope we'll get to see you there from time to time as you find time to stamp just for fun and creative outlet! (((HUGS))) Love you! xoxo

  18. I have so enjoyed Verve products, your amazing talent, and you, Julee! I marvel at how you’ve managed to run a business while raising two small boys and salute you. Although I’ll miss your products, I’m happy to see you are at peace with your decision and looking forward to new and exciting changes. Wishing you well in whatever comes your way. Many hugs!

  19. FIrst, your product design and quality has been Top Notch--deep appreciation for that. Also, your packages always felt like gifts, sent with love. I will continue to love on my Verve stamps and dies. I also chose a slower life and focused on home and family and will never ever ever ever regret it. I know you too will be grateful for making this decision. I am happy for you!!

  20. Julee, you have been a true light in the paper crafting community. I am not as eloquent as others but I want you to know that you showed me how to step out in faith with my cardmaking. You are the person who inspired me to join the writing team at church and use my cards with an uplifting message to those who just needed a reminder that they were loved. My best to you and hope you stay in touch.

  21. Oh no!!!! So sad to hear you are closing Verve!!!! I will miss you! But totally understand FAMILY FIRST!

  22. Family always comes first..especially children. Thank you for producing so many beautiful products through the years, I will cherish them. Best of everything to you!

  23. Bless you! I will miss your stamps, but you are doing the best thing! Being a mom is the most important job in the world. Someday they'll be grown, but you only have a certain amount of time with them. Invest in the, we'll still be here when they're gone. ;)

  24. Wow, such a big decision! But one that I am sure you will not regret. Thank you for providing beautiful, meaningful stamps and challenges, sketches and designs to inspire crafters around the world! I am going shopping, right now!

  25. So so sad, but understandable!! ♥

  26. We are so thankful that you started Verve years ago and fully understand! Enjoy your time with your children (they grow up so fast)! Hugs and may the Lord bless you greatly in the days ahead!

  27. Julee, you & Verve were a big part in me starting my blog, participating in challenges and expanding my creative horizons. Thanks for all you've given to the industry. Best wishes to you & your family - enjoy all your new adventures as a SAHM!! It's a choice I made, too - and have loved it. I'll visit your blog regularly to see what you're up to. Take care :o)

  28. Nearly twenty years ago, Julee, i was right where you are... well, i didn’t own my own stamp company but i worked with/for one of the largests. My littles were flying by me with time’s wings at their back. It was my first year with SU! and my business immediately boomed. I realized quickly that being a mom was definitely one thing God meant for me to be. And you, my friend... are certainly meant to be the same. You’re an amazing mother and considering all you’ve been through to get there, a well deserved one!!! I’m so proud of you!!! And I’m honored to be in the list you’ve included in this post... truly a highlight of my design career! Thank you for believing in me!!! I’m so excited for this new part of your journey to begin!!! Best wishes... and biggest hugs!!! xoxo KellyJean

  29. Julee, you and Verve will be very missed by us. But you can always come back once the boys are older. I too gave up a great career to stay home with my boys. It was hard at the time, but I am sooo glad I did. Now, 15 years later, I can really see how much better off they (and my husband) are. It made a BIG difference. Good luck and enjoy the new chapter in your life.

  30. I am so very sad BUT so very happy at the same time - guessing that's some of what YOU feel! The boys are so fortunate (all 3) to have you 'as a mom/wife' for the next part of your journey; without divided attention.
    I'm so thankful that once you made the decision, you had complete peace; isn't God amazing? Such comfort in such a difficult time. I will miss your designs, your ALWAYS uplifting sentiments, fabulous fonts, adorable images and fun dies! I've always followed Poetic Artistry so I'll be right there watching where His journey takes you.
    May God bring you much goodness and joy in your next chapter! Hugs!!

  31. I just opened my Verve package yesterday, so am especially shocked to see this. However, I so totally understand that you needed to do this. I know God will bless you for making the right decision. Sending love & hugs, Greta

  32. I understand your decision and commend you for putting family first. But you don't have to lose yourself in the process. If you still want your art and messages out in the world for us to see and use, there are companies that will buy your art and turn them into stamps and do the work for you. Unity Stamp Company would be a perfect fit for your artwork. Just a suggestion, you could draw and submit at your leisure and they turn them into stamps. Contact Angela Magnuson at Unity Stamps if your interested. She's awesome and has taken on several artists. Our Daily Bread Stamps would be a good fit for you too. Good luck to you. Enjoy your summer.

  33. So sorry that the Verve store is closing, Julee. But I admire you for your brave and loving choice. I am grateful for the ways that you have filled the world with your beautiful creations and products - they have inspired me and brought a smile to my face for years now! I love my sweet, elegant Verve stamps, and I will cherish them even more now, knowing that I have some of the most beautiful stamp sets out there which are no longer available! Best wishes to you as you enjoy your family more. I am a mother of twins, too, and there is nothing in my life that has given me more joy and fulfillment than being their mom. Hugs to you!

  34. I understand how hard it may be, but you're doing the right thing for you and your family! I wish you nothing but the best! Enjoy your summer! :) Hugs <3

  35. I will certainly miss your beautiful stamps. All the best to you and your family!

  36. Julee, I wish you only the best as you make this difficult change! I've loved seeing your family grow and am so grateful that you offered me a chance at being not only a guest diva but also a member of the Mojo Monday team! This was a real privilege to be part of your talented "village"! Blessings to you for making your faith a center of your designs! ((hugs))

  37. Wow, so sad to see Verve go, but I completely understand. I will miss Verve but will continue to use my lovely Verve stamps and dies. All the best to you and your sweet family. ((hugs))

  38. Lifting you up in prayer to our heavenly Father. Wishing you the best as you enter this new season for you and your family. Thank you for the amazing stamps that I love and use to encourage others. Blessings.

  39. I was sad to hear this news! I’ve ordered stamps, dies, and ribbon! Awesome products!! I know that family comes first and you are making the best decision for you and family! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and high quality products! God Bless and take care!!

  40. Love your stamps and am so sorry you are closing. Family always comes first and so it sounds it is a wonderful decision and one you were designed for.

  41. I'm sure this was a tough one for you...but, you are a Mom once, and it is the most important job you will ever have in your life! When the babes are grown and on their own, revisit your dream and reopen then, if you want! It has been a blast doing your sketches and you will be missed. I pray the Lord to guide you in your life. Blessings to you ALL!

  42. I am going to miss Verve stamps, but, I am so happy for you! I imagine this was a difficult decision and I am happy you found some peace. I'll be watching your journey from your personal blog. Best of everything to you & your family. Now I am going shopping!

  43. So sad to read this - I am sure I must have some of your oldest stamps. Verve stamps are kept together in a box and I often go to them when needing inspiration or a sentiment. A big decision for you but love to you and your family.

  44. There is not much I can add to all the comments - this is so sad for your followers, but what a good decision for your family. The children grow so quickly, and it is good to know you are going to take the time to enjoy each phase of their lives. Blessings to you.

  45. Very sad news, but understandable. You will be MISSED! Thank you for everything you shared with us and good luck for the future.

  46. I am so proud of you! Hugs and prayers!!

  47. Wow so shocked, but you made the right decision. Your boys will only keep getting older and making memories with them now and forward, they will remember. No one ever said I wish my mom worked more. You go girl! 💚

  48. First let me say that I have always firmly believed that a person MUST do what s/he feels is best at THAT moment for self/family. Family first always.

    Second, I am (personally) saddened by this news. I deeply believe it was a hard decision, but also deeply believe that the relief you felt after making it means it was absolutely the right decision. God shows us, we just need to listen. Whatever it is that is making you feel you need to be at home, that needs your focus. Do what's right for your family! BUT please do know that should circumstances change and you want to reopen Verve, this customer will be right back in there with her CC in hand. Your Scripture and inspirational stamps are often my go to sets. Thank you for the beautiful stamps residing in my house and ALL the inspiration over the years!

  49. Awwww Julee!! I can only imagine how hard this decision has been for you. Verve is your baby, and I am honored to be able to say I am a part of the Diva family!! I treasure our time spent in Missoula (wasn't that crazy fun?!?!), and working with you and the team years ago. Great, great memories my friend!! I wish you all the best in this next chapter of your life. God Bless!!! (HUGS)

  50. Verve was the first company I purchased scripture stamps from. I miss your quality stamps and proclaimation of faith.

  51. So sad to hear this as you are so creative and inspirational! Best of everything and hope you are able to return someday.

  52. Oh, Julee, I can only imagine how hard this decision was to make! But Family comes first and you will be amazed how fast those little ones grow up! So treasure these times! I hope you will continue to stamp your beautiful cards and share with us! You are SO talented and inspiring! God bless you and your family!!!

  53. Julee, it is with sadness that I read that Verve will be closing. BUT, it is also with admiration and thanks that I write this. I am grateful for all the wonderful Verve products you have created and I have the privilege of owning. Through your challenges (which I have loved participating in over the years) I have grown immensely as card maker. I understand and admire your willingness to follow God's leading in this difficult decision and I am thankful for the peace God has given you about it. May God bless you and your family always.

  54. Thank you for all your lovely stamps over the years, and all the best in your future endeavours! I love your sketches from Mojo Monday and Viva la Verve, and I refer to them often for inspiration!

  55. Julie, I applaud your decision! And I want to let know how much your stamps, and sketch challenge meant to me. I got started in 2010 with the help of Amy Sheffer. Became a Dirty Dozen Designer in 2014. Verve was a huge part of my stamping story. It's where I practiced my sketch layouts with Mojo Monday, ordered my Plain Janes, and shared your happiness at motherhood. I'm glad you have a peace about your decision. As a grandmother, and a woman who worked in the market place, I understand the pull on young mothers. Best of luck and enjoy those boys! Have a wonderful stress free summer!

  56. I got to admit I'm a little teary here posting this comment!!! Julee, you are the best, most amazing shop owner I know and your business will be sorely missed in the days to come. I'm glad I was able to be along for part of this ride and will treasure my Verve Stamps designs for ages to come. I want to thank you for bringing The Word into the stamp community in such a powerful way, and for the love and support you've shown me personally. I consider my guest stint for Verve one of the biggest highlights of my blogging career. Thanks so much for everything and my prayers will be with your family. Big hugs, Autumn

  57. You've made the best decision. While I've been divesting myself of stamps that have retired, I've always hung onto yours like grim death because they are some of my favorites. Enjoy the time ahead with your boys!

  58. I am both happy and sad! I know this is the right decision for you and you'll never regret it. But I will be sad to see Verve go. I will definitely be keeping up with you on your blog! You're one of my very favorite artists! Hope to take advantage of your sale when I get home from vacation...I need more Verve! lol

  59. Okay- I just saw this yesterday and I, also, have been searching for the words to say. First and foremost, you need to go where you heart guides you- for now with your family. It sounds like this decision gave you peace and I am happy for you!! I will "miss me some Verve"- but, you already know that (dang I missed those sweet coffee cups with flowers and they are sold out- well that was about me and not you, sorry!!) I have been busy with a new granddaughter- so I can understand- my focus has shifted. I don't stamp as much as I would like to but, she needs me. Thinking this is how you feel with your sweet boys!! Julee- I have loved your stamps/dies since I first discovered them many years ago and they will live in my stash. I thank you for the creativity and fabulous stamps you have provided over the years!! Thanks for making me feel a part of the Verve "village"- I think Wanda stated that earlier- it fits. Hoping you still get a little time to stamp and, although, I don't always have the time to comment I still stop by and "stalk" your creations. I would never have tried any mixed media - you "enabled" me-well, for that and maybe a few other things :-) BIG HUGS to you and your family!!

  60. My deepest respect and love to you Julee. You are amazing, talented, strong, creative, and clearly doing what is best for you and your family.
    Thank you so much for my first ever DT gig all those years ago! You and your stamp designs inspired me to go places I never thought possible. Wishing you lots of happiness!

  61. I’m so sad to learn that Verve is closing, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that you’ve made the right decision for yourself and your family. I admire and respect you for that! You have always inspired me, as an artist of course, but even more so as a person. Sending lots and lots and lots of love, and wishing you all the best going forward. Thank you for letting me be part of Verve!

  62. I have no doubt you have made the right decision for this special time in your life. Time with family is precious, and little ones grow quickly. Who knows.... Verve may be back in a later chapter in your life. In the meantime, I'll think of you each time I pull out one of my Verve stamps, and I'll be following you at your blog and on IG. Enjoy each minute with those precious beautiful boys.

  63. Sorry to hear that your leaving the VERVE chapter of yout life. But I highly understand your needing the time to spend time with your sons. Enjoy that time!! But does this mean the Verve sketches and the Verve Inspiration challenge?

  64. Julee, I received the email about your decision to close Verve earlier today. I can honestly stay that I was truly shocked. I have many Verve stamps and dies that have been purchased over the years. Some going back to 2007. Though I have to admit when the £/$ exchange rate was poor the frequency of purchases reduced. I've been a reader of your Poetic Artristy blog for the same number of years. Reading your email and various blog posts about your decision, it's clear how hard a decision it was for your to take. Afterall, prior to the joyous arrival of Kellan and Trevor, Verve was your baby. You've nurtured it and seen it grow and be loved by crafters around the world. Now it's time to set it free, while you enjoy the next chapter in your life. I have no doubt that you've made the right decision. Time flies by so quickly. Many warm wishes for the next chapter in your life. Hugs, Pauline (I have one Q - will the Verve Gallery still be available?)

  65. Julee,
    I first discovered your stamps from a card magazine featuring a card with one of your Plain Jane stamps. I loved them as soon as I saw that project. I found your website and ordered some of the Plain Jane stamps. I didn't really investigate all you had to offer until perhaps a year later. I only wish I had discovered the scope of Verve stamps sooner.
    You have been a joy and inspiration. Thank you for using your God given gifts to bless and uplift others. Your stamps will be used as long as I am able to stamp and to bring joy to others as well.
    I will miss your wonderful sketches and inspiring projects. I plan to follow your blog and see where God leads you next.
    I will miss you but know that you are following the path God has chosen for your sweet boys and your family.
    God richly bless you until our paths cross again!
    Sending love your way!

  66. I discovered your site just about a year ago and immediately loved it! I will miss your delightful creations but will remember Verve Stsmps each time I create something with “your” creations. Many blessings for you and your family. Xoxo

  67. Julee, you are an inspiration to all of us. I love reading your blog posts and seeing your projects. Your stamps and dies are amazing designs. THANK YOU SO MUCH for never stop encouraging and inspiring us at this papercrafting community.

    God bless you on your next journey and be the mom He has created you to be. HUGS!!!

  68. Julee, it has so inspiring watching you and your company grow. I have alway thought that you have a wonderful way of looking at things, whether it be your art or your life. I wish you the very best in all you do, and the best for your family. Enjoy

  69. Yep, its ME!! Remember chatting on midnight...waiting for the new challenge to be posted!! Sometimes we got to giggling so hard, I woke my kids with my laughing! And then one night, you said "I think I'm going to open a stamp store. Here's my first design, what do you think?"
    And that was it......your adventure took off.

    We just celebrated 2 graduations this week-- our oldest from High School and our 3rd grad from 8th grade. I remember vividly the first day of kinder for my oldest and here she is, headed to college.

    Make ma stamp that says "The days are long, but the years are short!"

    SO.....what I'm trying to say, is savor every moment. They DO grow up. They DO move out. And you have ONE shot from now til then. There are no "do-overs". I have given up and sacrificed all my seniority at work, fancy cars/vacations, pedi/manis, being a charge nurse, all to be home with them. And I don't regret ONE minute!!

    All my love

  70. I adore my Verve stamps and always will! I wish you the very best and beautiful adventure and future with your family! <3

  71. Hi Julee. Although I had to put my creativity on the back burner around 2015 to take care of my mom and other personal reasons, I never stopped looking at your new releases and I continued to purchase along the way. Those purchases are still in the packaging they were shipped in ��. I’m sad to see your business go away but, I also understand what it feels like to know that you are doing absolutely the thing you need to do. My mom passed away on May 30th of this year and I don’t regret a single moment of my decision to step away. If I were still designing, I would have been focused on having the coolest and latest products, trying to get some company to recognize my work and at least offer me a guest spot or some other silly way of comparing myself to others. No, with my Mom I was good enough just the way I was. She loved seeing my creations and I am so happy I was able to be there with her. So enjoy your new found freedom with your precious children. You can’t get that time back.

  72. It's always made my heart feel good and so grateful to know that Splitcoast was a place that brought people together, helped create friendships and even companies and careers. You and Verve made great contributions to the community :) Congratulations on your choice!
    - Daven