Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spotlight on Sankari Wegman

Hi Everyone! I'm back again to shine our little Verve spotlight on Guest Diva Sankari Wegman.

Sankari caught my eye shortly after she submitted her first mojo challenge card. Her designs are always intricate and rich in inspiring and unusual color combinations and accents. Each project she makes looks like it got the royal treatment, and it's always such a treat to check out Sankari's latest creations.

Before I get to her VERVE-iview, I'll start things off with this absolutley fabulous card using the new Express Yourself set. Is that not just totally awesome??? I just love the richness of it - a total treat for the eyes!

When/how did you get hooked on stamping? Last year around Valentine’s day, I thought I would make some homemade cards for my son’s class and so I looked online and saw some cute cards that looked like so much fun to create. So I headed on down to my local craft store and bought 1 stamp, 1 ink pad and some color pencils and the stamp addiction began!! It’s hard to believe that all my stamping stuff used to fit into a drawer in my desk! Around June of 2008, I thought maybe to start a blog and try new things with all the different challenges that are out there – and that began my love affair with blogland ! :)

How often do you stamp? I wish the answer to that question was ALL DAY!!! But I work 2 jobs part time and have 2 young children and so the work week really adds up. I love having craft time because it’s a luxury to have some “me” time after everyone is tucked into bed and the house is quiet. :) I try to stamp something every other day or so after the kids go to bed – but that can be a hit or a miss depending on the kids schedules. I look forward to anytime spent in my craft nook .

What's your favorite embellishment or finishing detail? I have to say that I love Liquid Pearls – simply LOVE them – but I am trying to step away from the LP scene because otherwise I don’t know how to stop – they would end up all over the card. :) I also love a corner rounder and these days have been enjoying adding a photo corner and bling to my card.

How long does it take you to create a project that you're happy with? Well, I am a very slow crafter (mostly because I am watching a movie while I am crafting. :) so it takes me a long time just to make anything --- so to make something that I am happy with would probably maybe take 2 movies worth.

Tell me about your creative space. I wish I was Martha Stewart while crafting – but unfortunately I am a very messy crafter. I am constantly forgetting where I put things and am surrounded by piles of scraps and papers. The reason my blog is called: Sankari’s Sunshine Corner is because it is literally in a corner! LOL! We don’t have much space in our house – so I have a little corner in the bedroom with a desk and some shelves for crafting (you can imagine how excited my DH is about that !) I try to keep things as organized as I can but usually after a card is done I am always amazed how crazy the floor and desk look with little scraps lying around. :) My dream is to have my own Martha Stewart room someday – but until then – I am glad that I have a space at all in a corner ;) and am constantly getting ideas for things that I would love to add into my dream space. Now that I think about it – I should create a scrapbook page about my dream craft space!!! LOL

What is your usual starting point for a project? Hmmmm… I think that usually it starts with a sketch – having a sketch in mind then helps me figure out which stamps would work and which sentiment would work better for that stamp. But sometimes it is also the papers and figuring out what stamp would work with those colors. I think that’s why I love color and sketch challenges because they help to order my non-organized mind.

What is your biggest source of inspiration? I think my biggest source of inspiration for crafting is creating something for somebody in mind. I love making something for someone in particular. Making something for someone else, inspires me to make something as special as I can – which is a way for me to show them how important they are to me. When I am making something for someone particular – then I pick out colors, etc. that I think they would like and try to make it kind tailored to them. The best part is watching someone open a present/card that you have made and seeing their smile! I am so grateful for my wonderful friends and family and love being able to show them how grateful I am with a little token of my love!

Who in the crafting world do you most admire and why? I got into the whole blog challenges by way of Kristina Werner and met so many wonderful friends playing her lovely color challenges. And then I found Julee’s Mojo sketch challenge last summer and was in AWE when she commented on my blog entry!!! I couldn’t believe that she took the time to leave a comment! Julee is a huge inspiration just the way she creates these fantabulous creations and is so sweet with all of those who play along. I totally admire Taylor VanBruggen and her sweet fabulous style and feel beyond lucky that I get to work with her and her awesome DT. I am totally in awe of Susanna Boyd who runs the blog: Card of the Week and among her busy work and family schedule also manages to go through TON of blogs and then put it all together in her blog so that you can see all the wonderful things that everyone has made. The DT that she has assembled are awe-mazing and inspiring. Laura Davis and Kazan Clark have give me so much inspiration from their wonderful sketches and beautiful cards and their imagination. I also admire Gina K. because of her sweet encouragement and amazing craft genius and more than anything else - I admire anyone and everyone who is scared to try something different and then tries it, or is shy to enter a challenge and then does it – its hard to put yourself out there in blogland before everyone. I remember being so shy to start a blog and now I am sooo grateful that I did because I have made some wonderful blog buddies, am always meeting new blog friends and am constantly inspired by all those around me! I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing artists!

What is your favorite set from this release? I have to say that I am in love with all of them! They are so beyond fun and elegant and lovely all in one release! I guess I am a little partial to the Delightful & Delicious and A Cup of Life sets because there are so many different cards that can be made from that!! Julee has such an amazing way with each stamp set, creating such a different variety of images and sentiments that are flexible with others and make creating a card a joyful and easy process!!! Can’t wait to get all Verved out and ink them all up!!!

So, you see what I mean? Absolutly gorgeous stuff. Be sure to check out Sankari's blog for her newest creations as well as the Cinema Saturday Challenge she co-hosts each Saturday. Thanks for stopping by!