Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sneak Preview Winners!

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate this release week! We had such a fun week reading all your comments, checking out your gorgeous creations, and chatting with you at the Release Party last night!

We have six new sets available for sale, and I've listed below the lucky commenters who won some Verve of their very own! Congrats to....

Day 1: Who was your teen idol?
sarah said...
johnny depp when he was on 21 jump street. i actually wrote johnny depp-aholic on the wall in my room!! what a spaz!!

Sarah wins: Meditations - $15 value

Day 2: When was your first crush?
Angelartistok said...
Great cards again today! We moved around a lot until I was in 6th grade, up until then I thought boys were a pain in the neck. My first crush was Tony in 6th grade. He was a hot Puerto Rican cutie!

Angela wins: Jeremiah 29:11 and Sweet Valentine - $18 value

Day 3: What was your best or worst date?
Kerri said...
My best date was the day my husband asked me to marry him. We went hiking in Colorado, and just as we were overlooking some beautiful scenery, he dropped down on one knee and proposed. He's the best father and husband around!

Kerri wins: Hearts on Fire - $18 value

Day 4: What amusement park ride would you compare your first kiss to?
Stephanie Hargis said..
My first kiss with my husband was probably something like The Batman at 6 Flags! It definitely made my heart race! I knew it had to be love! :D

Stephanie wins: Hundred Hearts - $18 value

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