Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ATC note cards

Is there such thing as ATC note cards? Well, if not, there is NOW! *chuckle*
I was looking for the perfect little note card to keep in my office at work, so when something cropped up I'd have a card all ready to go. It seems like there is always someone in my building who is sick, having a rough time, has had a death in the family, or even that something wonderful has happened to, so I wanted something that could cover ALL those potential senerios! Impossible? I think not.

I started with tiny note cards the same size as ATCs, and went from there. The remixed Fancy Florals were the perfect compliment. I could easily interchange colors and the "thinking of you" sentiment seemed to fit every occasion possible! After making these three, I wanted to add one more, so I used a few shades of golden yellow and made a fourth one.
After I had all four, I wanted to add a touch of "bling" so two of them got pearl centers, one got bright red stickles, and one received a blue gem! Simple, easy, quick, and they can cover any senerio that might crop up among my co-workers! (except maybe the one where Bill was late because his dog chased a squirrel into the house and up the fireplace chimmney, and Bill had to climb in there to get the squirrel out, and it bit him and he freaked out and then got STUCK in the chimmney, and his wife had to call the fire department to come help get him out, and take him to the hospital to get a rabies shot, and THAT's why he was late to work!) True story.
But, even then, one of these little note cards might just be the perfect thing! *wink*
Stamps: Fancy Florals Remixed (Verve Visual)
Paper: Vanilla, black, olive (SU)
Ink: Palette Hybrid, Ranger
Accessories: Nestabilities, ribbon and bling from my stash