Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simple Pleasures and a Peek Inside...

Yeah, everyone's been throwing me under the bus around here. See, I read our Guest Designer, Natasha Trupp's interview when it was featured on the Verve Blog, and I got to thinking, "Hmmm... I sure would like to read how the other Verve Divas would answer these questions..." I made the suggestion in our forum, and you know what I heard? Crickets. Eventually the delightful and wonderful Laura Frederickson threw me a bone and and said she, too, would love to learn more about her teammates. So, with a great big sigh, everyone begrudgingly agreed to participate. What do I read when I come to the Verve Blog these days?! "It's Carole's fault!!" What you Divas fail to understand is I've heard that one a time or two (that's an ever-so-slight understatement...), and it has little-to-no effect!

Anywho, before I give you a little insight into my tortured psyche, let me show you what I put together for this here Project Parade. You'll recall that our fabulous and fearless leader, Julee, created this graphic for our challenge, using a photo of bedding from Pottery Barn:

It's not a color challenge per se, just something to get those creative juices flowing. Starting from there, I grabbed my Fluttering By set and here's where I ended up:
How I went from the inspiration piece to what feels like a very Asian influenced card, I'm not quite sure, but I like it!

Anyway, without further ado, here's that Verve-iview...

1. When/how did you get hooked on stamping?

I've scrapbooked on and off since about 1997, and even did a couple of stamping projects during that time. But I really got hooked in the fall of 2006. I had noticed the Stampin' Up! ads in the scrapbooking magazines and called a local demo. She was having her club later that week, and though I wouldn't be able to stamp, she asked if I'd like to observe. One of the cards she did that night was a faux postage card, the instructions for which she found on Splitcoaststampers. I wrote down the web address, visited SCS later that evening or the next day, and I'm not sure if I've logged-off since!

2. How often do you stamp?

I try to everyday. I think it's like exercising in that you need to use your stampin' muscles or you'll lose them. Of course, I don't actually exercise, because it would cut into my stamping time... : ) A girl has to have her priorities.

3. Tell me about your funniest or most embarrassing stamping related injury.

I love slicing through EZ Mount with my hot craft knife, but it really should be off limits to someone like me. Scatterbrained, hot, and sharp are not a good combo.

4. How long does it take you to create a project that you're happy with?

It depends on how many interruptions I have, and how detailed I get. I don't think I'm fast at all. If I can complete something to my satisfaction in under an hour -- that's a quickie!

5. I am usually a little messy in my creating. Tell me about your creative space.

Oh, dear. This is the question I've been dreading. I have a great space -- my own room -- but it's a little... untidy. Alright, alright -- it's a pig sty! I really must do something about it. If any of you organized types would like to take it on as your personal challenge, have your people call my people.

6. If you were stranded on a deserted island, which craft tool could you not live without? Why?

That's another hard one. I'm assuming we have the standard issue stuff like cardstock, patterned paper, inks, stamps, ribbon, scissors, adhesives, paper trimmers, and Copic markers right? Okay. Good. In that case, the only tool I'd have an anxiety attack if I didn't have with me is my Stamp-a-Ma-Jig. I know with clear stamps, it isn't quite as necessary, but I do think I'd get a little panicky if I didn't know it was there, just in case. It's my stamping security blanket.

7. What is your biggest source of inspiration?

It's definitely a tie between SCS and blogs. If I have a little leisure time, there's no better way to spend it than blurfing. But for a quick shot of inspiration, I like to plug a few keywords into the Splitcoast gallery home page and see what pops up.

8. Who in the stamping world do you want to be when you grow up and why?

I think Mary Jo Albright is the most mind-bogglingly amazing stamper and I'd love to be a fly on the wall of her studio for a week or two. I love Leigh O'Brien's awesome coloring prowess and she has a great sense of humor that comes out in everything she makes. Michele Boyer is another fave -- she's incredibly versatile and every little thing she makes if fabulous.

9. What is your favorite part of the creative process?

I love pretty much every second of it, really and truly. Except cleaning up afterwards, of course. My favorite part, though? I love it when I get an idea that makes me giggle, or that feeling of accomplishment that sometimes happens after putting the finishing touches on something, when you stand back, take a good look, and it hits you, "Dang! That's pretty good!" Of course that's pretty fleeting, because then I look at the detritus and debris left in the wake of my creativity, and well, then I usually leave the room for a while... ; )

So is that more than you ever wanted to know about me? Probably. But here's something I know you'll want all the info on: winning $15 in Verve Bucks! Here's how you do it:

  • Create your own project inspired by the nifty graphic above (you don't have to use Verve stamps to win, but just between you and me? I think the judges might prefer them... ;) )
  • Upload it to your blog or SCS gallery (using the keyword VVPP03)
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your project by noon/12 pm EST on June 21st
  • Two winners will be chosen -- one randomly drawn from all entries and another selected as our favorite from all the projects using Verve stamps. Each winner will receive $15 in Verve Bucks.
  • The winners will be announced later in the day on June 21st
Okay, gang. There you have it! Now go get your Verve on!!!