Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Buckets of Love

Of course, my title says "Buckets of Love", but really, there's only ONE bucket to share with you today! It's a little Easter bucket you can fill to the brim with yummy Easter egg candy for the cherubs on Easter morning! I wonder if this little bucket will ever even make it's way to it's intended recipient before I eat all the candy out of it????? LOL! I'm guessing not!

I have had this little galvanized bucket sitting in my stash for quite some time now. It's different from the other buckets I've seen out there. This one is short and reminds me of the one my dad had in the garage when I was a little girl. Only his was really big! Imagine that one filled up with Easter egg candy! Woo-hoo! Now you're talking.

Anyways, this is so simple you guys, you can finish it up in 20 minutes flat! See the clear gel medallions with the Thankful Blossoms image in the center? I bought those clear medallions in the $1 bin at Target. First I stamped the blossom image on a piece of white cardstock, and then punched it out with a 1" circle punch. I colored the image with my Copic markers, and then I laid the gel medallion over the top of the blossom. I put this part of the project to the side for a while I got busy finishing up the rest of the bucket.

I decided this little Easter bucket needed a handle since it didn't already have one. I solved the problem by cutting a narrow strip of designer paper (double sided so it's sturdier), and cut the ends of the strip narrower than the main part so that I could thread it through the handles on the bucket and adhere it to the back using a large white brad. Can you see the brad in this close-up picture? A few ribbons tied to the metal handles gives the bucket a bit more color and excitement!

To complete my little Easter bucket, I adhered the gel medallions to the side using glue dots. I positioned them right in the middle of the bucket so they were clearly visible. Then I adhered Dew Drops all the way around the top and bottom of the bucket. Little flower rhinestones were adhered in the middle of the blossom image for some added bling. I used my rectangle Nestabilites to make a tag with the sentiment Happy Easter on it. This sentiment comes from the new March Easter set called Easter Elegance. The sentiment is actually a long, horizontal sentiment, but I inked each word up separately and stacked them on top of each other when I stamped them. Stuff like that is so easy to do with clear stamps!

The tag was attached, along with another Thankful Blossoms medallion, to the bucket using some silver cording.

I hope you like the little Easter bucket! I think I'm going to go sneak a few more pieces of candy out of it before I give it away.....shhhhhh....don't tell anyone, ok? Have a great day!