Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Surprise Pop-up!

We've got power! It's been out since last night and I was worried about posting this today, but the power is back on!
A few months ago I downloaded these directions to make a pop-up box that had its own lid built right in. I played around with it for a bit, but nothing seemed to be right, so I put it aside.
Well, when my Verve Visual stamps arrived I immediately had an image in my head that was a perfect fit for that box!
Here I stamped and embossed one of the heart images from the Wild Things stamp set onto my black box base.

Then I put together my box using sticky strips to be sure it would hold. I added two layers of ribbon around the lid, and stamped a front piece for the box using the Wild Things stamps the way I had envisioned it.
So, wanna see how it opens? *grin* This is my favorite part!

The lid is built right in! You don't have to take it off and lose it, you just lift up, and the center opens and you can pick out your goodies! when the lid is down, the top is closed tightly, so nothing will fall out. And if you don't glue the bottom flaps down, it can be folded up flat for storage or mailing.

I filled this one with lots of pink embellishments and ribbons and plan to send it to my best friend.

So, as Bethany pointed out in her post below, when you find yourself in a slump, think outside the box ! (or at least think of a new box!)