Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guest Designer: Paula Goff

Today's guest designer is Paula Goff! If you've read either of Paula's blogs, Paula Ponders or Paula's Inky Fingers, you know that Paula is a super prolific stamper. I'm always amazed at the sheer number of gorgeous creations she will post in one day. Her style is clean, colorful, duplicatable, and just lovely to look at! I had to laugh when Paula sent me her Heart to Heart projects and I saw that she had emailed NINE different projects and was willing to make more if I needed - and she'd only had the stamps in her hands less than 2 days! Now that's a committed stamper! I've highlighted a few of my favorites below, but be sure to check out Paula's Guest Designer Gallery to see all of her fabulous creations with Heart to Heart. You won't be disappointed! Okay on with the post. Just click the photos below to see Paula's creations close-up with an ingredient list.

How did you get hooked on stamping? I was hooked on stamping the first outing. I was at a church retreat and the craft for the day was stamping a bookmark and a card. That was all it an easy way to personalize and make things your own!

How often do you stamp? I try to stamp at least three times a week as it is my sanity. I would rather stamp than eat or clean house.

Do you have your own stamping space or do you share it with the cat, dining room, coat closet, etc . ? My stamping space is the dining room. I have a desk and my computer and stamp space are one in the same. The dining room table is were my guests stamp so we are close. Of course my stamping space is also shared with five kitties and two dogs. My German Shepard is always at my feet and I usually stamp with one cat in my lap and one on the desk. That is why I have to camouflage so many paw prints.

Do you stay true to a stamping budget, or are you swayed by all the enabling out in stampland? I am on a budget. I have to earn my stamping money. So....I give classes, sell cards, quilt or what ever it takes to earn the money to buy my precious stamps.....Stamping is my sanity. I would have been in the looney bin a long time ago without my stamping.

What is the latest stamping toy you've picked up that just made your heart go pitter patter? Paper.....I know it isn't a toy but I love paper. I have more paper than I have storage for. I love paper. I am a paper addict, yes, I admit it. Paper is a vice for me. Everyone knows that I have paper and I get lots of calls for a package of a certain color. Yep, I have it.....

Name one stamp or stamp set that you don't think you'll ever part with. Wow, this is a hard one for me. I don't think I have a favorite. Of course, I have between 600 and 700 sets. That does not count the single stamps.....LOL! I am a hoarder.

What do you love most about papercrafting? I would have to say the friends I have made. I love to share. God truly has blessed me with wonderful stamping friends.

What do you consider to be your stamping strengths? I truly do not feel that I have any stamping strengths. If I had to name one, I guess it would be my ability to put colors together. I am a hobby quilter so color is important there also. I love colors. The brighter the better and I think that is reflected in my stamping along with my quilting.

Who is your stamping hero (someone whose work inspires you challenge yourself creatively)? I don't have just one, I have three:
Nichole Heady - just looking at her work inspires me
Julee Tilman - you make me stretch myself to excel (aw, shucks! I'm blushing!)
Patty Bennett - She was the very first person to help me out many years ago by both mail and e-mail. I could never thank her enough. She still inspires me to think beyond myself and stretch to create.

So aren't those projects cool? Be sure and leave a little love for Paula and her fabulous work before you leave. I'll be back tomorrow to shine the spotlight on Kim Reid to finish out our series of January Guest Designer spots.


  1. Wow! I thought I had a lot of stamps, but NOWHERE near 600-700 sets! Wowsers! Love your projects and your answers, Paula! Thanks for being a great guest designer!

  2. I had seen your (numerous) projects in the Verve gallery. They're so gorgeous. I can't believe you made them all in TWO DAYS.

  3. Wow, I'm loving that little tote type goodie you've made. Any chance you might be willing to share the template with us??? I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  4. WOW, love all your creations! And I too just absolitely LOVE your tote...could I get a pattern as well? Great job!!!