Monday, January 14, 2008

Guest Designer: Karrie Baker

I'm so excited to show you the projects Karrie cooked up for Verve this month! Karrie is one of my all-time favorite bloggers. She has an infectious enthusiasm for all things stamping that leaves you happy, inspired and wanting to see more of her fabulous creations! I don't think a day goes by when I don't check for a new post on her blog, Burnin' Rubber. Her passion for life spills over into her stamping, and I'm sure you'll agree that her creations with Wild Thing are mojolicious! So on with the eye candy... Just click the photos below to see Karrie's creations close-up with an ingredient list.

Karrie's answers to my nosy virtual interview cracked me up. Who knew that BUYING could be a super stamping strength? LOL! Okay, on with her answers...

How did you get hooked on stamping? This is so funny. My cousin brought a CTMH and SU! catalog with her to Thanksgiving dinner forever ago. I remember looking through those catalogs for HOURS!! Then, a few years later, my friend hosted a SU! party and I was hooked! My very first "stamp set" was Happy Winter from SU! that bought on special for $1!!! WOOHOO. It has gotten more expensive since then... :)

How often do you stamp? No less than 5 days a week. The majority of my stamping is done on Sunday though. While everything else in my house practices "slug Sunday" I am busy doing laundry and stamping the day away. I love it. If I could do it more, I would but that means I would have to give up the day job that pays for all this fun stuff!!

Do you have your own stamping space or do you share it with the cat, dining room, coat closet, etc . ? This is a touchy subject. I actually have to share a 10x10 room with my husband, his three computers and our three labs. It is a little cramped in here. He complains I am taking up too much space but really, it is him and the dogs. :)

Do you stay true to a stamping budget, or are you swayed by all the enabling out in stampland? You know, I say that I try to be good about all the spending but the truth is, I am a bad, bad girl. I should get discounts everywhere for being such a good customer. I need a frequent buyer card or something.

What is the latest stamping toy you've picked up that just made your heart go pitter patter? Hands down, it has to be "JJ" my new Janome Mini Sewing Machine. I can't stop sewing on my cards. has really become a problem for me. Just like all those Nestabilities, I can't seem to stop using them either.

Name one stamp or stamp set that you don't think you'll ever part with. Well, that will have to Nellie the Nest Lady from Stampin' Up!. I don't know what it is about her but I will NEVER be able to part with her and the one stamp that I will never be able to part with is the Teddybear stamp that my Dad gave me. It is what REALLY started all this craziness! :)

What do you love most about papercrafting? I get such a high off creating whether it be a card, altered item, snowglobe, tag, whatever... I just love it. I feel so relaxed, so in the "me" it is wonderful. I just wish I could get my husband to do it with me, then I could have access to a stamping buddy 24/7, now THAT would be a GREAT thing!! :)

What do you consider to be your stamping strengths? What? Huh? Are you seriously asking me this question? I don't really know how to answer this. My strength in stamping is BUYING!! Hello!! LOL

Who is your stamping hero (someone whose work inspires you challenge yourself creatively)? There are so many, I don't think I can name just one. But if I am forced to, well, it would have to be Anna Wight. Someday I am going to color like that girl. Every time I see her work I am just blown away. Sigh...someday... :)

Okay, be sure to leave a comment and let Karrie know how much you love her Wild Thing cards! I'll be back tomorrow to show you Julie Campbell's projects using Swirly Stars!


  1. Thank you again for the opportunity, I had a fabolicious time!!! :)

  2. I love all of Karrie's cards, but that last one with the hearts is beyond gorgeous! Oh. my. Now, I'm no seamstress so maybe I need to find out about her little sewing machine - because that stitching is incredible and I've always wanted to try it! Thanks for the inspiration :).

  3. Karrie already knows that I *heart* her! She is absolutely one of my favorite bloggers (that I check on daily)!


  4. Karrie, CONGRATS!! Totally LOVE your heart card! And my oh MY, am I ever flattered! Jeez!! You know how to make a girl BLUSH!

  5. Love these guest designer spotlights! Love seeing Ana and Karrie's cards and getting to know them better!!

  6. These samples are fabulous! YAY Karrie!

  7. MMMMMmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!
    This girl deserves the spotlight shining on her for the MONTH! No the YEAR! Okay, I'll stop. I'm obviously a fan of Karrie girl. Isn't her work incredible? Don't you love her sense of humor? And I have Julee to thank for helping me to find her....oh my...I'm having problems finding the keys as my eyes are welling up. Y'know...I think I'll just sing "The Friendship Song" from Fraggle Rock. sniff

  8. I have always been a big fan of Karrie!! She is an incredibly talented stamper! I enjoyed reading all the Q&A's for Karrie!! You rock girl!

  9. These are so great. You seem to be a very versatile stamper, good with different styles. I love how you molded the rows of hearts on your pink and red card.

  10. Karrie your cards are wonderful! I love the colors and layouts. I just got my first Verve sets this week and I am so thrilled with them. I got all of the Heart related sets just in time for Valentine's Day and I have used the daylights out of them already, as you can see if you visit my SCS gallery but I'm only getting started. The stamps just arrived 2 days ago. LOL!